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door entry system

door entry systems

Secure your business premises, only allowing staff into the building using state of the art technology locking systems.

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TV Wall

Getting a TV on the wall can be hard work!  Don’t risk breaking your television, let the experts install it for you.

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home alarm systems

With the constant threat  of cyber attacks on your systems, we  only install the best and most secure systems.

uniview camera

CCTV & Intrusion Prevention

Prevention is better than cure, keep the burglars out and protect your home with state of the art systems.

It is no secret that a reliable CCTV system is an invaluable tool toward greater safety and security of a home, business and for loved one but not all CCTV systems are created equally.

The quality of CCTV footage can mean the difference between winning or losing any legal battle. A high quality Smart CCTV system carefully installed and configured by Smart Digital’s award winning team ensures a premium quality and hi-tech solution that meets the demands of the modern digital era is at hand.

Whether your are on holiday or away on business, a Smart CCTV system set up by Smart Digitals experienced professional will help you to keep an eye on your property and parameters around the clock. With both physical and cloud back-ups available, Smart Digital provides highly versatile to meet any need at the most affordable pricing.

At Smart Digital our decades of professional experience and a passion to provide only outstanding results for all our customers has earned us a reputation as a gold standard installation specialist across all of Greater Manchester.

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for securing homes & businesses in the UK

TV Wall Brackets

Don't risk breaking your TV, let us professionals install your wall brackets and fit your TV for you!

door entry systems

Door entry systems are great when security can't be there.

secure your business

Making sure your business is secure with an all-in-one security system

secure your

Secure your home with intruder prevention and CCTV and alarm systems