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As a leading provider of security solutions, we’re committed to offering state-of-the-art technologies that prioritise your safety and peace of mind. Explore the innovative features and unmatched reliability of Ajax Alarms below.

Ajax Alarms represents the future of home and business security. Utilizing advanced wireless technology, Ajax systems offer a seamless integration of sensors, detectors, and monitoring devices to create a robust security network. Designed with both residential and commercial applications in mind, Ajax Alarms provide comprehensive protection against intruders, fire, and environmental hazards.

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Smartphone-Enabled Systems:

Leveraging mobile devices, users can unlock doors using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. These systems offer unparalleled convenience, allowing for remote access control and real-time monitoring.

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Key Features:

  1. Wireless Connectivity: Ajax Alarms leverage wireless communication protocols to ensure fast and reliable connectivity between all system components. This eliminates the need for complicated wiring installations, making the setup process quick and hassle-free.

  2. Smart Security Hub: At the core of every Ajax system is a powerful control hub that serves as the central command center. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the hub manages all connected devices, processes alarms, and communicates with the user through a user-friendly mobile app.

  3. Multi-layered Protection: Ajax Alarms employ a multi-layered approach to security, combining motion detectors, door/window sensors, glass break detectors, and smoke detectors to create a comprehensive security network. Each device is meticulously designed to detect and respond to specific threats, ensuring no vulnerability goes unnoticed.

  4. Real-time Alerts: With Ajax Alarms, you’re always in the know. Receive instant notifications on your smartphone or tablet whenever a security event is detected. Whether it’s a potential intrusion, fire outbreak, or environmental hazard, Ajax keeps you informed and empowers you to take immediate action.

  5. Intelligent Automation: Take control of your security system with intelligent automation features. Arm/disarm your alarm remotely, schedule automated arming/disarming times, and integrate with other smart home devices for seamless functionality.

  6. Tamper-proof Design: Ajax devices are engineered with security in mind. With encrypted communication and anti-tamper protection, you can trust that your security system remains uncompromised, even in the face of sophisticated intrusion attempts.

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